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[ENG] Toaru Majutsu no Index:Science & Magic
23.03.15 23:44 | #1

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Mod that has been around a long time, but could never find for download, some days ago I learned that one of my friends had.

This mod was made in PDK, but there is some States, Effects and etc extras, the Mod is very well done, but does not provide a Stage mode, versus mode only.

I think I was looking for a galley so long ago! Made by Sanji207


Link: Here

24.03.15 00:26 | #2

Репутация: 416
Постов: 8073
I've tried it.
It's really good mod..... but again, as ALL OTHER ANIME MODS:
- There is no really mechanics or balance system, just move-complication
- Rip-voices spam. Thats just over-annoying .-.

Anyway yea. Mod is kinda good and having a nice quality.

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80% of brain, passion, intuition, creativity
10% of programming skills
10% of tan levels in your blood.
31.07.15 00:40 | #3

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Постов: 310
Wow Wow.
Very interesting. Big respect to the author, because he was not too lazy to do the "video" into a mod.
The effect is also a lot of beautiful. Very, very good looking.

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