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Фан Форум для LF'айтеров » Оригинальные игры » Little Fighter 2 » Новый пароль (для кодеров)
Новый пароль
05.01.13 13:20 | #1

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Постов: 691
Нашел еще один пароль: "abc" (без кавычек)

Вот вся особенность только на английском:

Typing abc enters debugging mode, which has the following known features:   
   In-game, three rows of numbers are displayed at the top left corner. The first row is, respectively, player 1's y speed, player 1's y coordinate, and player 1's y coordinate rounded to the nearest integer, provided that player 1 is human-controlled. The second row is typically occupied by 8 1's, whose meaning is unknown. The third row is the letter 'u' and 0, whose meaning is also unknown.   
   Pressing F2 crashes the game.   
   Pressing F3 switches LF2 to an encrypting/decrypting files mode, temporarily freezing the game for anyone who's connected. A typical session looks like this:   
Doing what ('E'=encrp, 'D'=decrp)?   
Encrp what file?   
Doing what ('E'=encrp, 'D'=decrp)?   
Decrp what file?   
After the encrp command, LF2 would encrypt the file readme.txt and produce an encrypted version readme.dat (where the name "readme.dat" is obtained by replacing the last three letters with "dat", regardless of whether the input's file actually has a three-letter extension), encrypted in the same manner as LF2's .dat files. The presumed inverse command decrp, on the other hand, fails to produce any output file. The files specified must be in LF2's root folder; otherwise the game crashes. This mode can be exited by pressing F1.

[ Маленький Фриз говорит: это сообщение было отредактировано!]

Мой Блог!

05.01.13 13:34 | #2

Репутация: 122
Постов: 854
EX-MAN, хаха, хорошо гуляешь по вики.. а почему еще нету темы с багами с вики, с описанием еще чего-либо с вики и т.п.?)
Фан Форум для LF'айтеров » Оригинальные игры » Little Fighter 2 » Новый пароль (для кодеров)
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